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SeaDog Kayak Sails are the bomb and will make your sea kayaking way more fun than just paddling. Sailing with a kayak sail in a sea or Sit on Top kayak is easy.

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How often have you been out on the water in your kayak and there was a bit of breeze blowing?
Have you ever wished to be able to harness the wind and get to help you along?
Now you can with a Sea Kayak Sail!

SeaDog kayak sails are extremely efficient and unlike some other sails they offer upwind* sailing in a kayak.
Yes, one can sail across the wind and go out and back without having to paddle at all, if so wishing.

Sailing with SeaDog sail_cr_c

The kayak sails are mounted far away enough that the kayaker can still paddle freely unrestricted for when the winds are too light to sail alone. A SeaDog kayak sail with a bit of breeze and the paddling suddenly becomes so much easier. When the wind picks up one can just sail and if the wind is too strong for a novice, the sail can be lowered in a split second.
Latest model twin batten Commander with reefing eyelets

SeaDog Commander Mk2 in full flight off Coochiemudlow in 18knots.
Kayak sailing is all about having fun and you will get this in droves with a SeaDog Commander.

Commander with reefing Red top and Translucent bottom panel.

Xmas sails_SeaDog
Early model SeaDog sails now superceded with the twin batten Commander

Most kayaks need very little modifications to install a SeaDog sail.
One has to be prepared to drill a couple of holes into the deck which will NOT compromise the integrity or waterpoofness of a kayak.
SeaDog sails are based on a design developed decades ago and refined over time.
The materials used in SeaDog sails are premium not currently found in other sails on the market.
The workmanship is superb and the design can be customized to personal requirements.

These sails are just as suitable for both SOT Fishing Kayaks as they are for sea kayaks.
The workmanship and cut of the sails is top quality and cannot be faulted.
The sails are made up of a combination of panels using a mix of Contender Dark Grey Code Zero laminate with a black diamond reinforcing weave on a Mylar base, as well as other panels comprising Contender ZZ03 dark grey tri-laminate sailcloth reinforced with Black Aramid (similar to Kevlar) diamond patterns. This is the type of sailcloth used in racing dinghys. It is a very stable cloth and resists  stretching in the leech which is the most common cause of leech flutter.
Top panels are coloured so that the sails are highly visible on the water.
This mix of panels allows the sail to have an optimum aerodynamic shape, giving it the right characteristics for excellent upwind performance as well as off the wind.
The stays are attached to the mast below the sail, making this type of sail particularly suited to kayaks, as should the paddler be hit by a strong gust of wind, the sheet rope can be released and the sail will fly forward of the mast, instantly depowering the sail.

Sails come complete with mast, boom, batten and Spectra side stays. Flexible mast deck fitting included which slides into the base of the mast for easy fitting or removal from the deck.
Cords for uphaul and sheet rope also supplied.

SeaDog sail_4

Mast length is 146cm for 0.8 size sail, 140cm for the 0.7 size.
Sails are sold with a generous sized sail bag included.
Deck fittings apart from flexible mast base not included as these are an individual choice.
These Black Diamond sails are available in sizes of 0.8m² and 0.7m².
For sailors wanting to venture in stiffer breezes I make a special 0.6m² sail in all coloured sailcloth.

I usually stock 0.8m² and 0.7m² for immediate delivery, viewable on the next page below.
Custom colours take approximately 2 weeks to manufacture.
Local pick-up in Brisbane or request a quote for courier delivery anywhere in Australia.
Request quote for International delivery stating Country, Town and Postcode.
1.0m Commander now available

1.0m Commander twin batten with loose foot and reefing eyelets.

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