Stock Sails as of 6 May 2019

The following sails are in stock and available for immediate delivery.
They are all available with or without reefing eyelets.
Reefing option reduces area to 0.6m for stronger winds. 
Sails $330 or $345 AUD with reefing eyelets.
Contact Richard quoting Code No. and shipping address to order.
The stock list will be updated weekly.
Sails shipped Australia wide or Internationally.  Request shipping quote.

 Commander 0.8m Code 967  White/Orange/Dark Code Zero
Translucent bottom panel, orange luff pocket and black trim

Commander 0.8 Code 968  Red and yellow are most highly visible colours on the water.
Translucent bottom panel red luff pocket and trim

Commander 0.8m Code 151
Translucent bottom panel, red luff pocket and trim

 Commander 0.7m Code 925
Translucent bottom panel, black luff pocket and trim
The Commander 0.7m is particularly suited to ladies and paddlers of lighter weight under 70kg

 Commander 0.8m Code 930
Translucent bottom panel, green luff pocket and trim
Commander 0.8m Heavy Duty Code 895
Translucent bottom panel, blue luff pocket and black trim
This sail is made from Maxilite 250 a heavier version of cloth to what is normally supplied.
Particularly suitable for those wanting a tough heavy duty sail for expedition, as well as general use.

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