Fitting SeaDog sails to SOTs and Fishing Kayaks

If you have a SOT fishing kayak, why not take advantage of the wind to take you to your chosen spot.  While SOTs won't point as high to the wind as a Sea Kayak they will have a significant improvement in speed on a reach (with the wind abeam) or aft (with the wind coming from behind).
The recommended sail size for a SOT is 0.8m as these boats are significantly heavier than a Sea Kayak and much wider and therefore  more stable.

SeaDog 0.8m fitted to a Wilderness Tarpon 120

The mast can be mounted as either a 3 stay system utilising 2 sidestays and a backstay or 2 stays as in the picture above.
Fitout showing mounting points for mast base and side stays attachment.

The uphaul and sheet ropes are run along the gunwhale either side of the cockpit and out of the way of the rudder pedals.

SeaDog Black Diamond 0.8m fitted to an Ocean Fishing Kayak

Uphaul cord (for raising and lowering the sail) leading into a clam cleat.

Uphaul cord leading through a small pulley attached to the bow of the boat and then back to the clam cleat as shown above.
All the fittings necessary to mount the sail are readily available from any marine supplier or ships chandlery.  The red flexible mast base as seen in the picture above is supplied with the sail, as are all cords and stays.
BCF Reflection 2 SOT 

 Utilising existing fittings for sidestay attacment

Side stays angled bank - No backstay required


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Unknown said...

My wife and I have had SeaDog sails on our boats for two years. We paddle about 30 days per year. They have performed very well and still show no sign of wear. They are great fun when the wind blows!

Richard was great to deal with - quick to answer questions, good price, and fast shipping.